Things I'd like to investigate

This is a random list.

  • Proofs of the conjectured counts of first-order models
    • Mappings between, e.g., Euler circles and the counts.
  • Manipulation of the number of people in a room for sylls and generalised quant problems -- what does that do to the inferences people draw.
    • Control for arithmetic ability -- after people do the experiment!
  • Try some of the mental probability logic experiments in groups of 2 and 3, c.f. the cool Linda paper.
    • But could it be that just increasing the group size increases the probability that one member of the triplet knows the right answer.
    • Get people first to answer individually. Then get them together in the group to discuss.
    • Then we can see the communication of inference.
  • Seek mappings between the various items in a given task within subject.  Focus especially on tasks where there is some between-subject variability.
    • The usual gig.
    • But relate the commonality to things like executive function stuff. 
  • Corpus of uncertainty language -- find and use one or make one, then throw back at participants and see what happens to the probabilities people spew out.  "Much", "Most", "Many", "Some", "Few".